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Face-to-Face and Online Counselling Services


I offer counselling and psychotherapy to individuals covering a wide range of personal and relationship issues.

  • Are you experiencing nervousness, anxiety or social anxiety which affect your life and feel debilitating?

  • Struggling with managing your anger or having a healthy outlet for your frustration and feelings?

  • Are you feeling down or depressed, creating a feeling of hopelessness or that you are missing out on happiness or joy in your life?

  • Have you recently experienced a break-up or heartache, or have some pressing issue that you would like to talk through, get some healing from and useful strategies to assist you?

  • Are you committed to self-exploration and would like to work together to understand more about yourself and how you can have healthier and more connected relationships and life?


Together we can work collaboratively to explore the emotions and issues that you are struggling with and help you to grow awareness and understanding, shift old coping mechanisms, and develop strategies and skills to overcome your difficulties. With warmth and collaboration, I am passionate about working with people to help you achieve a more fulfilled life with enhanced understanding and connection to yourself and others.


Teenagers are one of my favourite age-groups to work with, and I started my therapy journey counselling teen girls in crisis within a residential facility. I still enjoy working with young people from 14 years of age and recognise how stressful life can be to be a teenager.


Some of the common issues that teenagers  seek support for include:

  • Difficulty coping with big emotions as issues feel huge and are met with dramatic reactions and feelings of sadness

  • Social conflicts and the development of romantic relationships which can be difficult to deal with

  • Overwhelm and stress with dealing with escalating school-work and social and personal expectations

  • Difficulty managing feelings of depression and anxiety

It’s common for teens to experience family & relationship issues, social difficulties, anxiety and depression. I offer a safe and welcoming place to talk through their struggles, and empower them through teaching healthy ways of viewing issues and coping techniques. Every teen and their family is unique and I tailor our treatment to each individual's specific symptoms and issues. If your teen is experiencing anxiety or depression I will often use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help them to reframe their harmful thoughts into more positive and realistic ones. If they are struggling with conflicts with their partner or friends then a combination of teaching assertiveness, boundaries, appropriate social skills and healthy expression of emotions can be helpful. Developing healthy habits and routines in many aspects of their lives can also assist teenagers in feelings better and bringing more enjoyment into their lives and relationships.


How do you know when to get help from a professional?

As a couple you may be experiencing one of the below in your relationship:

  • Communication breakdown where you are stuck in a system of retaliation or withdrawal

  • You are thinking of or discussing separation

  • Intimacy has stopped or is not frequent enough

  • Discovery of an affair

  • There are tensions in your blended or step-family

  • Or just seeking more connection, harmony, closeness and appreciation between you



When a relationship experiences problems, talking through it at home isn’t always enough to bring about resolution and change. Relationship counselling offers a supportive setting in which to work through your difficulties and find lasting solutions. During couples counselling I focus on keeping you both calm and providing an environment in which you both have the space to be heard by one another, which can be difficult to accomplish on your own as emotions escalate. Whilst discussing your current issues and working toward resolution, we can also focus on your communication styles which assists to learn how to communicate effectively with one another so that you can be heard and appreciated by your partner. Those new communication skills and restored connection can then be enjoyed outside of the therapy room with new issues being less stressful to discuss with one another and more easily resolved.

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