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Relationship Counsellor & Psychotherapist




Are you currently experiencing emotional pain or finding it difficult to sort through messy, complicated or stuck experiences?


Are you experiencing relationship issues, anxiety or depression?


Our world can be confusing and complicated at the best of times. Working together we can collaboratively explore the emotions and issues that you are struggling with and help you to grow understanding and awareness, shift old coping mechanisms, and develop strategies and skills to overcome your difficulties. I am passionate about working with individuals (from teenagers to adults) and couples to help achieve more fulfilled lives with enhanced understanding and connection to ourselves and others.



Nicole Logue

I hold a Bachelor of Counselling and a Master of Social Work (qualifying). I utilise a variety of therapeutic counselling models to best help address your unique concerns. I have also completed a four-year post-graduate experiential program in gestalt therapy which helps people in gaining greater understanding of themselves and a better connection with self and others. As empowering healthy relationships is another passion of mine, I have also undertaken training in the Gottman Method Couples Training.


I offer counselling and psychotherapy to individuals covering a wide range of personal and relationship issues.



Being a teenager can be a particularly stressful and difficult time in life. Find out how I may be able to help.


How do you know when to get help from a professional?

What can relationship counselling help with?

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